Why people are opting directly to surgery over hair loss medication

Why People are Opting Directly to Surgery over Hair Loss Medication

Hairs are considered as crowning glory so losing this glory can disturb and cause anxiety to anyone. Rushing to the clinics for retaining this valuable asset depends on the acceptability of someone for this problem. Few men are there that are happy with the shaved heads but few are there which want to unturned any stone for getting their dashing and younger look back. Especially the women are louder about this problem as it directly hit their beauty.

For the concerned person there are various options to click for curing or covering the bald head but it has been observed that people are opting directly to the hair transplant in Haryana rather than going for other medical treatments.

Reasons for preferring the hair transplantation

  1. Natural and permanent growth

This procedure involves the relocation of healthy and loss resistant hair follicles that retain their quality and characteristics even after shifting from donor site to the other side so the transplanted hair grow in natural way for rest of life this is the prominent reason for choosing this procedure as first option.

  1. Safe procedure

This procedure is safe and risk free as patients own hair roots are taken for implantation so there is no risk for side effects and infection. Even in Metro procedure is performed with sterilized tools so it also prevents infections. Application of local anesthesia before surgery gives painless and comfortable treatment to patients

  1. Quick recovery

Patient can get recover after FUE hair transplant within 2-3 days as the procedure is safe so on the same day of surgery patient can back to home and then after 3-4 days can catch his normal routine.

  1. Result oriented

This procedure gives the best results to patient as with the advanced methods and techniques patient can have dense, long, natural and lifetime growing hair.

  1. Cost effective

However cost of hair transplant in India can seem to be higher than the medication but it is reasonable than other medical treatment as it is one time procedure that help you to get rid from hair loss but other medicines are to consumed for longer or entire life that make the treatment heavy on pockets so surgical hair restoration is permanent and cost effective treatment.