Rational Decision-Making in Hair Restoration Surgery

Both men and women come up with set of reasons for seeking hair restoration after consulting hair specialist.

Before going for the surgical treatment of baldness patient must act wisely so that optimal results can be attained. Expectations of patients can vary so before the surgery expectations for the outcomes must be clarified on both ends including patient and physician so that approaches for the hair restoration can be discussed and evaluated on the basis of most favorable outcomes.

There can be some facts that are essential to know before taking the decision for hair transplant in Jalandhar as these facts strongly influences the entire process and results of surgery.


This surgery is claimed as suitable for all ages but still it must be consider before decision making. In the early age of 20s and 30s when parson get caught by androgenic alopecia then it is difficult to predict that for how many years it will remain progressive so it is important that patient must be the age of 30s so that there can be less chances of future hair loss that can affect the survival of grafts after surgery.

Stability of hair loss

Hair transplant is the surgical treatment that involves the shifting of hair follicles from one permanent part of scalp to other so it can cover baldness but could not control it so for permanent results patient must have the controlled or stabilized hair loss so that he could have the most feasible after results.

Family history of hair loss

Even it is important to know about hair loss genes or any family history for this problem so that progress, extent and reason for the problem can be detected beforehand and the surgery can be planned accordingly.\

Hair characteristics

Surgery must be planned according to the hair type, texture and color as these characteristics affect the outcomes of surgery. Method for hair restoration can have different results for the patients with different hair characteristics.


Patient must have good health before the surgery so that any potential side effects or complications can be prevented during and after surgery. Patient must have stamina to tolerate the treatment and have good health to get recover after surgery. Hence it is important to do physical and medical examination of patient before surgery.

Mental preparation

Patient must be psychologically prepared for the surgical hair restoration as only then he can care his transplanted hair with determination. Even mental preparation for the surgery also helps the surgeon during the surgery otherwise nervousness of patient can lead to some complications during the procedure.

Previous attempts for hair transplantation

Attempts for this surgical method also affect the planning and outcomes of surgery as during the another transplantation surgeon can use different method for surgery depending upon the last infirmities of treatments and reason for repetitive transplantation of hair


Cost is another factor that helps in taking rational decision as the cost of hair transplant in Jalandhar must be compared with the quality offered by the clinics only then decision for the center must be taken. Many clinics are there which offer low cost treatment but on the compromise of quality so right decision can be taken only if the cost and quality offered is compared.


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