Successful Hair Restoration In Males By Transplants

Successful Hair Restoration In Males By Transplants

A regularly thinning hair line is certainly a stressful factor for every 3rd man on this earth. The main cause of hair fall in men is male pattern baldness. According to an American Hair Loss Association, every 2/3rd of men lose average hair before 40s. The hair fall is strongly connected with their career and social life, usually a lot of physical and mental stress to maintain the life process.

Around 85% of men who suffer from extensive hair loss choose hair transplant procedure that has provided wide success to most of the people. With hair transplant that includes scalp shave, a latest procedure allowing you to secure your locks and moist hair as well.

U-FUE Hair Transplant Procedure

U-FUE hair transplant involves uncut hair transplant for people who want to keep their hairs untouched during the procedure. This treatment satisfies customers as the procedure will not require a shaven head for a couple of weeks before their hair growth.

U-FUE doesn’t need to touch your original hair so you can keep them in their natural style and length during the procedure. It is a special procedure that take extra 90 minutes as only a few hairs will be restored in one day.


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