Body hair transplant – A technology on the rise


Many men suffer from hair loss problem at very premature age due to which they do not dispose of sufficient donor areas. Then there might be fewer chances to cover the scalp with hair properly.

In these cases, body hair transplant comes into view. This method is the special version of the FUE hair transplant which involves the transplantation of beard hair or body hair into the bald part of the scalp.

Moreover, from the point of view of many observations, body hair automatically adjusts them into the structure and length of that surrounded hair with the course of time. The visual difference between the head hair and the body automatically disappears within few days.

The procedure is same as the FUE hair transplant treatment. The hair from the body is extracted with the help of hollow needles so as no visible scars are left over the body parts.

Body hair transplant is an effective treatment when there is any need to transplant hair on injured part.  Although the growth of body hair is less than those of FUE head hair transplant but it can give you the satisfactory result between the limits of 60-95%. Beard hair transplants results can be good has the head hair transplant. But the overall success of the procedure depends on upon the factors like healing capacity and the type of the skin.


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