Hair Restoration in African-American


The hair transplantation procedure for African-American is very much similar with ethnicities hair transplantation but there are some factors that should be considered in the pre-op, operative and post-operative stages in order to get the most beneficial results. These are listed below:

Pre-op factors

  • The history of keloid or hypertrophic scarring must be known to the hair transplant surgeon.
  • The scarring scalp disorders and scarring alopecias – the most common in African men are CCCA (Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia), Traction Alopecia, Dissecting Cellulitis
  • Adequate donor density – due to the thick curls of the hair, donor density can be disguised, thus making donor look thicker than it is.

Operative factors

  • Hairline design – African-American male are more concerned and demanding. Hence, they will always want the less temporal recession in the design.
  • While performing the strip surgery, some want dissolvable sutures thus making healing process more challenging. Others recommend non-dissolvable sutures to lower the inflammatory response. For African-American, this method would be beneficial.
  • With FUE, there must be the equal amount of extraction and harvesting so as to ensure the correct angle.
  • Also recently ARTAS robotic system is being studied for African-American hair restoration.

Postoperative factors

  • Hyperpigmentation – the skin darkening can occur on both donor and recipient sites.
  • Ingrown hairs/folliculitis – this can occur after the 2-3 months of the surgery because of curly hair but can be easily treated with medicines.
  • The hair growth with alopecia scars can be less strong than the virgin scalps
  • Keloid or hypertrophic eruptions can be medically easily treated.

In a nutshell, the successful hair transplant treatment for African-American by the best hair transplant surgeon in Punjab can be a moment of rewarding for both patient and surgeon.


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