Illegal things that some hair transplant surgeons do

Illegal things that some hair transplant surgeons do

Since hair loss has a wide market today, some illiterate and inexperienced surgeons have taken the opportunity to exploit patients for their own benefit. Many sub-standardized hair transplant clinics are conducting business illegally and in a poor hygienic environment. This is why a patient must take a good survey before you finally settle in a hair transplant clinic for the procedure;

From collected data and a survey, here are some of the illegal and absurd practices in some hair transplant clinics;

Hiring technicians

A hair transplant in India must be conducted by an expert or a well-trained surgeon, especially in the field of surgeries. What some clinics do is to hire part timers (technicians) to conduct surgeries on patients. This has led to a high number of botched surgeries

Wastage of hair follicles

Due to the lack of expertise and experience, some surgeons over harvest the donor area, making patients lose more hair in their own clinics. This is hidden to the patients since they are under local anesthesia.

Nurses performing the surgeries

Some surgeons due to their busy schedules handle over patients into the hands of nurses who are trained by mere watching the surgeon perform the procedure in three or four patients. This is real jeopardizing patients’ lives.

Poor sterilization of instruments

Sharing of sharp instruments is one of the commonest ways of spreading life threatening diseases like HIV and Hepatitis.

Before you sit down for a hair transplant in India, please have a general overview.

To know more details about the FUE hair transplant surgery procedure you can watch this video: