Hair Transplant in India

If anyone having the hair baldness problem and want to find the perfect solution then you can directly visit our clinic metro hair transplant center. We use best hair transplant techniques such as FUE and FUT. For more details then you can watch our new video.


Tips to Maintain Your Hair Healthy in Winters


As you know that hair baldness is the common problem nowadays. Mostly people get damage their hair in winter weather. So in winter weather you need to take proper care of your hair. The following are tips to help you keep your hair look healthy in whole winter.

Use branded shampoo

You can use branded shampoo. This is very helpful to maintain your hair easily and increase your hair growth. You can use Sunsilk, pentane, and head& shoulders this is very helpful for your hair.

Use conditioner after you wash your hair

After washing your hair you can use conditioners. The conditioner is very helpful in moisturizing your hair and improves your hair quality and provides shinier and natural hair and helps to prevent breakage.

Wear a hat to protect your hair from the cold and wind.

In winter is very important to wear a hat this is very helpful to protect your hair from wind and cold.

Avoid spray and others products

Don’t use any type of spray and others products this is very harmful to your hair and increase the chances of breakage. Mostly women use sprays. Chemical processing, coloring and rebounding etc. So don’t use this type of chemical.

Use a humidifier in your house

You can use humidor in your house. This is very helpful for your skin and hair and chances to increase the growth of your hair in very less time.

If anyone interested to get the best hair baldness solution then you can go with hair transplant in India. You can get the natural looking hair at very less time with the help of hair transplant treatment.

How Can You Take Care of Your Hair in Winter?


Cold weather can greatly destroy the texture of your hair. To avoid this situation, you can use the good quality shampoo and conditioner on your hair but it is also recommended that you should avoid using too much shampoo because winds in cold make you hair dry.

You need not wash your hair not more than twice a week and use only lukewarm water in order to maximize the moisture in your scalp. Also, hair conditioner is must apply and it should be more focused on strands not on the scalp. It will definitely provide a shine to your hair and prevents breakage.

Avoid the use of hair dryer in keep your hair healthy in winters. This ways you can overcome the problem of hair loss in winter.

Main Causes behind Hair Loss in Women?


Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss problem in both men and women which are also known as pattern baldness. However, the thinning of hair in women is different from male pattern baldness. In women pattern baldness, front hairline remains unaffected unless it is the normal recession that comes in everyone’s life as the time passes.

Basically, Androgenetic alopecia happens because of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) that is derived from male hormone. As the level of DHT is more in men than you can they are more likely to have male pattern baldness.

Some other common causes of hair loss in Women

  1. Telogen effluvium is just a form of hair loss that occurs when the body is under extreme stress. Stress can be due to childbirth, malnutrition or it can be because of major surgery. This condition involves the directly shifting from hair growth phase or resting hair follicle phase to telogen phase or hair shedding phase.Then condition can be due to the deficiency of iron or change in the medication. This condition occurs mostly in women because of menstruation or taking medications in order to have birth control.
  1. Traction alopecia is another cause of hair loss problem. It occurs in women only because of tight hair stylings such as braids, tight ponytails and hair extensions. This kind of problem is mostly seen in African-American people.

Hair loss is a situation of devastating that lowers one’s self-esteem and has a negative impact on overall women’s quality life. But the best option that you can have is hair transplant in Mohali. With this, you can get you the beauty of hair back that helps in enhancement in your confidence.

Hair Transplant – The Right Solution for you


When is hair transplant treatment right for you?

Hair baldness problem is increasing day by day. Hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness that affects both men and women. So surgical hair transplantation is the perfect solution for returning the hair loss in pattern baldness. If you have wanted well defined and clearly well-recognized area at the back of the head then you are probably suitable for the hair transplantation treatment or surgery. Hair transplant treatment is very famous nowadays and also be carried out any area of the head if you have some hair loss.

Is hair transplant treatment right solution for you?

Hair transplant is one of the perfect and the right solution for those people who facing the serious hair baldness problem. Hair transplant is the major surgery performed under the local anesthetic. Age constraints play an important role in hair transplant surgery. The patient should complete 18 but many hair transplant surgeon will not able to do hair transplant treatment in young adults. There are two mainly techniques involved in the hair transplant techniques first is FUE in this FUE hair transplant treatment then hair is removed from the back of the head and then implanted in the bald area. This is the lengthy, Painless and costly process but the result is minimal scarring and provides then good-looking and the natural result after the treatment and the another main hair transplant techniques is FUT this is also known as a strip method. In this the surgeon takes a large number of the area from the back of the head and then divided into smaller parts and then implanted into the baldness area. So overall hair transplant in turkey is the complete package of the hair loss problem and gives you to natural and shiner hair at very less time.

Hair transplant and its Purpose


Hair transplantation

Nowadays in India, balding is the common problem occurring in everyone’s life, especially in the young age. There are many reasons that lead to baldness problem such as deficiency of vitamins, lack of proteins, medical illness taking stress etc. Hair transplant is the surgical procedure that is used to treat baldness or hair loss problem.

Purpose of hair transplant

Hair transplant is the cosmetic procedure that is performed in both men and women who are facing hair loss problem, thinning hair or baldness spot. That’s why hair can no longer grow easily. In men, hair loss is generally due to genetic factor and age. For women, hair loss is commonly due to hormonal changes and another is the thinning hair all over the head. So transplant performed provide natural looking hair in very less time.

Diagnosis and preparationsHair transplantation is the simple procedure but before hair transplantation, it is very important to find the respected, well established and experienced hair transplant surgeon and then discuss hair transplant treatment. The patient all knows about hair transplant surgeries and its advantages and disadvantages.

Hair transplantation is the simple procedure but before hair transplantation, it is very important to find the respected, well established and experienced hair transplant surgeon and then discuss hair transplant treatment. The patient all knows about hair transplant surgeries and its advantages and disadvantages.

Morbidity and mortality rates

This is the another important points Morbidity and mortality rates. Major complication after the hair transplant surgery is extremely rare. Afer the hair transplant surgery, you may face little bit infection, pain, scarring etc. but these are the common things after some days all the scars are left and you don’t feel any pain.

Normal results

Hair transplantation provides natural looking results. After the surgery, new hair will start to grow in within three months and the average normal rate of hair growth is about 6-13mm per month.

Here are some steps:

This is the initial step of the hair transplantation hair follicles are removed from the back of the head and the put in the balding area.
The hair in the donor area is trimmed before starting hair transplant surgery.
Once the donor area is trimmed then it is given local anesthesia.


Afer the hair transplantation, you must follow some rules. You should avoid energy consuming activities in few days after the hair surgery. After surgery there may be a little bit swelling, bruising, headache, and discomfort around the graft areas and around the eyes.So if you follow your surgeon suggestion then you don’t face any problem.

Body hair transplant – A technology on the rise


Many men suffer from hair loss problem at very premature age due to which they do not dispose of sufficient donor areas. Then there might be fewer chances to cover the scalp with hair properly.

In these cases, body hair transplant comes into view. This method is the special version of the FUE hair transplant which involves the transplantation of beard hair or body hair into the bald part of the scalp.

Moreover, from the point of view of many observations, body hair automatically adjusts them into the structure and length of that surrounded hair with the course of time. The visual difference between the head hair and the body automatically disappears within few days.

The procedure is same as the FUE hair transplant treatment. The hair from the body is extracted with the help of hollow needles so as no visible scars are left over the body parts.

Body hair transplant is an effective treatment when there is any need to transplant hair on injured part.  Although the growth of body hair is less than those of FUE head hair transplant but it can give you the satisfactory result between the limits of 60-95%. Beard hair transplants results can be good has the head hair transplant. But the overall success of the procedure depends on upon the factors like healing capacity and the type of the skin.

Hair Transplant in Jalandhar

Successful Hair Restoration In Males By Transplants

Jalandhar which is famous for many good hair transplant centres in Punjab. People select Jalandhar for hair transplant treatment. hair transplant is very good solution for permanent hair grow and many centres are there in Jalandhar who are performing hair transplant but very few centres have good results. So while selecting the centre takes a look at his record as hair transplant surgery in Jalandhar if done wrongly then there is no second chance to correct it so it means we need to select the centre very carefully first for hair surgery. And also there is a price war between centres in Jalandhar but centres whose results are best they done fall in price war they have standard rates and their results are guaranteed.

Cities are having more takers for hair transplants

According to the experts their can be various common reasons for the hair loss including the pattern hair loss but in these cities lifestyle choices are the common reason for baldness.

In metro cities youngsters do not have healthy lifestyle as they have poor diet, lack of sound sleep, disturbed sleeping pattern, consumption of alcohol and smoking can lead to premature hair loss. Even the work stress is also emerged as reason for the thinning tops in the early ages.

Moreover, the fast emergence of hair transplant market with private centers lined up with the latest techniques to cure hair loss contributes as evidences for the facts of studies.

Hair transplant has no side effects as it can give scar free, stitches free, painless and least invasive results. This is also prime reason for becoming this procedure as the most sought treatment in the cities like Delhi.

According to the experts increase in the hair loss and advancements in the procedure of hair transplant that are making possible for the youngsters to restore their hair naturally, are sufficient for leading to the beeline of people for getting this treatment.

Studies have shown the fact that there is 30% increase in the patients of hair restoration in cities as advanced methods like FUE , Bio-FUE , Neo Graft , Robotic methods are refining the results of surgeries and youngsters can restore their self esteem with the fuller, denser head of hair.

Hair being important part of the appealing personality so the youngsters give priority to hair transplant in Delhi as it is the perfect solution that can restore their tresses with natural appearance and more attractive and younger look without any side effects.